Skanima’t vol.32 2015 Review (Part 2)

2016 gener 24

Aquí teniu la segona del recopilatori:

Skanima't vol.31 2014 Review

Download Skanima’t vol.32 2015 Review (Part 2)

Contingut de la part 2 del recopilatori:

  1. The Ska Banton – Peace water [Indonèsia]
  2. Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza – Can’t stop [Alemanya/Catalunya]
  3. St. Petersburg Ska Jazz Review – Water taxi [Rúsia]
  4. Leo and the Lineup – Life goes by [Dinamarca]
  5. Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra – Hatcha! [França]
  6. Chris Murray Combo – When your someday come [EUA]
  7. Los Granadians – Rocksteady Birthday [Espanya]
  8. Slightly Stoopid – Hold it down [EUA]
  9. Satélite Kingston – Al final [Argentina]
  10. Ernest Ranglin – Yardie [Jamaica]
  11. The Selecter – Box fresh [Anglaterra]
  12. Reggay Lords – Run or get down [EUA]
  13. Foolish Ska Jazz Orchestra – Softly as a morning sunrise [França]
  14. Dr. Calypso – El que vull [Catalunya]
  15. The Estimators – Lonely boy [Anglaterra]
  16. The Lions (ft. Alex Désert) – Wilder Style [EUA]
  17. Out of control army – We do ska [Mèxic]
  18. Matamoska – Doom boogie [EUA]
  19. The Offenders – Tons of drunks and party scum [Itàlia]
  20. Shootki – Lucky mountains [Rúsia]
  21. The Senior Allstars – Get ready [Alemanya]

A veure si la setmana que ve puc penjar la tercera part…

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