Skanima’t vol.26 2011 Review (European & Asian selection)

2012 febrer 12

Skanima’t vol.26 2011 Review (European & Asian selection): Download

  1. Intensified – Sweeten Up [Anglaterra]
  2. Pinatubo Bay(feat. Daniel Broman) – On fire [Alemanya]
  3. the Selecter – Big in the body [Anglaterra]
  4. the One Droppers – Feeling Fine [Itàlia]
  5. Bluekilla(feat. Gary Rosch) – Shit Stirring [Alemanya]
  6. Bobby Sixkiller – Nancy Soul City Rockers [França]
  7. the Magic Touch – Foot of the mountain [Alemanya]
  8. the Caroloregians – From the Congo Square [Bèlgica]
  9. Freddy Loco & His Gordos Ska Band – My words [Bèlgica]
  10. Mr.T-Bone & The Young Lions – I keep saying no [Itàlia]
  11. King Fatty – The thief *
  12. the Mood – Six Years Seven Months [Alemanya]
  13. the Simmertones – Bring your love to me [Anglaterra]
  14. Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – No love in town [Hongria]
  15. the Sidewalk Doctors – Truly [Anglaterra]
  16. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – All good ska is one [Japó]
  17. the Valkyrians – Riot squad (Cock Sparrer cover) [Finlàndia]
  18. the Upsessions – Lucille [Països Baixos]
  19. Too Many Crooks – Peanut butter [Anglaterra]
  20. the Offenders – Nancy And Trev (Girls wanna have some fun)[Itàlia]

* Com que no he trobat res de King Fatty l’he posat aquí ja que el disc fa referència a Prince Fatty d’Anglaterra.

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