Vídeos Nowa Reggae 2011

2011 Juliol 18

Pels qui no vem anar al Nowa Reggae 2011, l’usuari gualix ha penjat una sèrie de vídeos de molta qualitat dels concerts de the Pioneers, la Thorpe Brass, Rubén López & the Diatones, BlackUp Sound i Urtica Sound:
Llista de vídeos Youtube de gualix del Nowa Reggae 2011

Un parell de vídeos:
the Pioneers – Starvation:

Starvation is spreading to all the nations
There must be someone to help this situation.
What colour, class or creed you may belong
There’s something you must try to understand.
Whether you white, black, red or red indian
we all share the same blood, one love, one heart, one soul.

la Thorpe Brass – Thank you Filippo

Understand dressed in a tie man as we walk on no ceiling ways.
We can run to the east to turn tired to the west but we’ll sure that we’ll meet someone call ‘the next’.
As you lose your time hoisting the mediocrity flag I don’t belong to an International Avangarde but as the futurist man said:
All things move, all things run, all things are rapidly changing.
Balanced table. Wobbly chair. We’re a jam and we don’t care…watch those men. Understand dressed in a tie man…

Rubén López & the Diatones – Diatone Time / Good times to come

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