Avui Clancy Eccles faria 70 anys

2010 Desembre 9

Clancy Eccles

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  1. UK Pogus Caesar’s new book MUZIK KINDA SWEET = it features rare archive photographs of legendary Reggae artists including: Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds, Augustus Pablo, Jimmy Cliff, Junior Delgado, Prince Alla, Dennis Brown and a host of others – a must for all lovers of Reggae. 

    Punch and OOM Gallery launch Pogus Caesars’ new limited edition book , the Birmingham-based photographer celebrates iconic Black musicians.
    Specially commissioned and published by Punch and OOM Gallery, the book features 95 evocative, nostalgic and largely unpublished images of musical legends including Stevie Wonder, Grace Jones, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Augustus Pablo.

    The book contains a foreword by Paul Gilroy, Introduction by Kate Pryor – Williams (Arts Council of England ) & Ammo Talwar MBE. Shot entirely in black and white on a Canon Sureshot camera purchased in the 1980’s, the photographs offer a stark alternative to the digital performance photography of today.

    All books are signed, and are part of limited edition of 250. 190 Pages, A4 Paperback Monochrome, 95 Black and White plates.

    ISBN-13: 978-0956674104

    muzik kinda sweet on photobucket


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